Why buy from us

Go Green with Eco Products
Since 4 (four) years ago, meublemeuble focus to produce from used materials, such as Recycled teak and reclaimed wood. Then, we are never buying any log wood for production.
Even for finishing materials we only eco products such as:
Wax, Shellac, lacquer, varnish and paint with water based.
So, we avoid all materials that use solvent based or oiled based.

Get Details Products to Order

Supported with Drafters and Designers in our team, meublemeuble always make details pictures from your designs including sizes and construction system. We will do until approved by buyers.
Specials Projects for Hotel, Villas, Apartment, and houses are famous with us. Our Company familiar with furniture stores, Re-Seller and Interior Designer.

Warranty and Manufacturer Defects

Meublemeuble give warranties all wood products for ONE full year from date of delivery.

Warrantable defects include:

  • Finish peeling or lifting (not from abuse or improper care)
  • Season cracks

The following is considered normal OR normal wear and is not warrantable:

  • Small scratches in the finish…THESE WILL HAPPEN REGARDLESS OF THE FINISH!! This is considered normal wear and tear.
  • Hinge adjustment
  • Cloudy finish from using the wrong cleaner
  • Bad finish due to abuse
  • Sun fading or color change
  • Wood grain variation.
  • Wood stain variation within reason.

Get Best Price
Meublemeuble sincerely hope, you will become a Re-Seller and Wholesaler to make cooperation with our company forward. For that, we helped a test market for the Reclaimed Teak Furniture Items for your market range. Special discount we give you for Placing Order until the end of May 2012. Total Discount will be of 30% from total invoice value of the order minimum 1 x 40 ft container, No matter Quantity each items in there. If you find some promo items in your order, it means you will be get Double Discount!
These Discount and Promo Items helpful for you to be able test market directly with a cheaper cost.