Tv cabinets

Our reclaimed teak TV Cabinet, TV stand with drawers and shelves made from original reclaimed teak wood. Look stright line describe from top cornere to bottom, indicates assertiveness.
Our Reclaimed teak TV Cabinets and TV stands suitable with flat TV or LED TV Plasma as updating years trends.
Plasma TV or Cube TV or LED TV, and Home Theatre you put on it must be match with room styles. There are some collection for Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet and TV Stand we have, from 1 drawer, 2 drawers, 4 drawers even 6 drawers more.
Living at appartment and small home Living while studying in some country is modern lifestyle. To add those comfortable just put our reclaimed teak TV cabinet with sliding door for your TV plasma and your entertainment home theatre.
Enjoy your music life with Reclaimed Teak Wood TV stand sliding doors now.
Reclaimed teak TV Stand with sliding doors with wooden drawers become main choose for people who living at their appartment and spend their leisure time to watching movie or music karaoke to relax.

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