Dressoir Sideboards

Our Reclaimed wood Teak Sideboards Collection have their own shelf characteristics.
Some of the flat design, others are plain and curve styles. Wooden doors have strong constructin and good precision, then make them great sideboards.
A Teak Sideboard will look strong when all parts of materials made from solid teak with natural finished or good sanded. Top with thikness 3 cm or more and products assembling in perfect precision. This cabinet also called by Dressoir in European Countries specially Netherland and Belgium.

We produce made from recycled teak wood. they will appear strong and elegance with distorsion for wood colour. All Sideboard we have built under tight
controll processing. They must use glue and screw with good precision laminating and jointing pieces of relaimed wood.

We do not display all of our furniture collections on this site, if you are interested and want to get our complete catalog please send an email to sales@meublemeuble.com