Dining table

Our reclaimed dining table is hand crafted from unfinished, reclaimed teak timbers formerly used in age-old buildings, boats and other structures in java which have outlived their use. Available in traditional style, minimalist and modern style, natural, rustic, and washed finish. True to it's tradition, the design is simple and functional. Rough-hewn, solid planks are carefully hand selected, planed and sanded, while the hallmarks of old wood with nicks, imperfections, nail holes and traces of original paint and stain are left to admire. Naturally, salvaged and reclaimed wood planks may be a bit uneven, and may bow or cup slightly over time, further enhance their unique rustic charm.

We do not display all of our furniture collections on this site, if you are interested and want to get our complete catalog please send an email to sales@meublemeuble.com