About us

Meublemeuble.com is one of the official website CV Indomeuble which specialized in producing teak and reclaimed teak furniture. CV Indomeuble founded in 1996 in Jepara, small city known as the center indonesia furniture industry. Since inception until now we are consistent in wood product of teak wood, products of the most prominent is teak furniture, we produce indoor teak furniture and teak outdoor furniture to supply furniture exporters in bali, Semarang and Jakarta.

In 2003, we managed to build a manufacturing company, in cooperation with local craftsmen in jepara, we selected them strictly based on the quality and timeliness of production of products, we decided to directly export our furniture products and cater to buyers from Europe and USA.

along with the increasing market demand and drive to help the world to make eco-friendly products in early 2007 we limit our interior furniture products and replace them with eco-friendly furniture, we produce reclaimed furniture made from abandoned houses, bridges, railway sleepers, and warehouses. we also manufacture reclaimed wood furniture from old ships, which rescued driftwood from the beach and river.

Other than teak wood we also use jackfruit wood, mango, merbau, bengkirai and other hardwoods.